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Rainsy Criticizes Record Gas Prices in Cambodia

Cambodia’s opposition leader has expressed concerns over record gas prices in Cambodia, which costs over one US dollar a litre, despite falling oil costs in other countries.

Last week, Sam Rainsy has threatened to lead a demonstration against the government should the prices remain high. He says that the gas price in Cambodia is higher than Thailand and Vietnam.

On Monday, the gasoline price fell from 4,200 riels (approx. $1 dollar) to 3,800 riels per litre. “The price dip is still not good enough for civil servants that receive low salaries”, Rainsy added.

Cambodia has the following major gas companies in the country, they are: Caltex, Total, Tella, and Sokimex. Among them, gasoline at Sokimex Company is the cheapest- it is priced at 3,600 riel.