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Porn Site Depicting Buddha Images Stir Controversy 

Chief Buddhist monk Tep Vong Tuesday reacts strongly to a foreign porn website using Buddha images as its logo, calling it sacrilegious.

The website has stirred controversy within the Buddhist community, leading to calls to shut down the site.

While the website is currently banned in Thailand, the Cambodian authorities have yet to take action to block the site.

Ministry of Culture and Religion's state secretary, Chhorn Iem agrees with Buddhist Chief Monk and considered the website to be religiously harmful to the beliefs of Buddhism's principles in Cambodia.

Keo Remy, SRP party lawmaker appeals to the Cambodian government to cooperate with other neighboring countries to ban the site.

Buddhism in Cambodia dates back to at least the 5th century A.D., and after the 13th century Theravada Buddhism became the main religion of Cambodia. To this day, approximately 90 percent of the 13 millions Cambodians are Buddhist.