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Top Official Proposes Memorial Site for KR Victims

A top Cambodian leader Thursday pushes for the resurrection of a memorial site to honor the millions of victims killed during the Khmer Rouge regime.

Pol Pot and his top commanders were responsible for over 2 millions deaths between 1975 to 1979.

The memorial site will act as a reminder to the world about the devastation left by the 4-years ethnic genocide. The site is also hope to play a major role in the Khmer Rouge Tribunal set to start later this year.

Chea Sim, speaker of Cambodia's Senate and the leader of the ruling Cambodian People's Party is pressing for other party officials to raise awareness about the workings behind the Khmer Rouge regime.

To date, the Documentation Center of Cambodia has collected over 400,000 pages of prisoner confessions, hand written memos, and maps to some 20,000 gravesites. There are approximately 189 Khmer Rouge’s prison camps scattered throughout Cambodia.