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Opposition and NGOs Says Khmer Rouge Tribunal Lacks Progress in 2006

Opposition party and NGOs officials say 2006 was an unproductive year for the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, because they were unable to trial former Khmer Rouge leaders.

The Cambodian and international judges were unable to agree on the internal tribunal rules, which they [SRP and NGOs] say was a set back for the Khmer Rouge Tribunal to take place.

The KRT is also called the Extraordinary Chambers in the courts of Cambodia (ECCC).

Khmer Rouge Tribunal's (KRT) spokesman Reach Sambath tells reporters that the judges and KRT officials hope to resolve it’s internal disagreements by next June [2007].

Youk Chhang, Director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia says that this should not be used as an excuse to further delay the KRT trials.

Human Rights Watch recently accused the Cambodian government of interfering with ECCC’s internal affairs, but the government has denied these charges.