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NGOs Propose 'Clean Hand Treaty' to Gov't

The Civil Society Organization Against Corruption Coalition says it will hand in the 'Clean Hand Treaty' that was signed by nearly 200,000 people to the government on Thursday.

The 'Clear Hand Treaty' was established in December 2005 by the Civil Society Organizations Against Corruption Coalition.

The treaty is intended to provide the Cambodian people with the opportunity to voice their opinions on corruption issues and also to maintain their commitments to fighting corruption in the country.

Approximately 12,000 people signed the treaty during the first month of launching the project.

Opposition Sam Rainsy party's Secretary General, Mu Sochua says she fully supports the anti-corruption movements.

Corruption has been widely recognized as one of Cambodia's biggest obstacles and it has hindered the country's development. According to a 2004 USAID Corruption Assessment Report, its report estimated that the "diversions from government coffers range between $300 and $500 million [each year]."

The Cambodian government admits that corruption does exist, however it claimed that it is practiced on an individual level, and denied that it is widespread throughout the government.