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Cambodia's Anti-Corruption Measures Still Weak

A new report in Phnom Penh on Tuesday, found that corruption is widespread in Cambodia and that the anti-corruption measures in Cambodia remains weak.

Seng Theary, executive director of the Center for Social Development (CSD) told reporters that corruption is saturated throughout the country.

The different forms of corruption include, despotism, briberies, unofficial spending, traffic violations, and more.

SRP leader Sam Rainsy tells VOA Khmer that Cambodia loses anywhere between $300-500 millions annually to corruption.

Government spokesman and Minister of Information Khieu Kanharith dismisses these criticisms saying the government is doing everything it can to curb corruption, by highlighting the fact that the country has drafted an anti-corruption bill into law. The drafted bill is awaiting decision from the National Assembly.

Opposition party and civil society officials are presently hastening for the Cambodian government to implement the anti-corruption law immediately.