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Legal Marriages Help Alleviate Domestic Abuse

Marriage registrations are believed to be instrumental in curbing domestic violence that are believed to be increasing in Cambodia each year.

According to the anti-domestic violence campaign, launched jointly by Phnom Penh women organizations, the lack of marriage registration practices in Cambodia prevent women from legally filing for divorce from their husbands. It also prevents women from leaving their spouses due to domestic abuse and/or adultery.

"Registrations for marriages will insure legality", this is the message that the Cambodian government and society officials are promoting to encourage more couples to register their marriages.

The Ministry of Women and Veterans Affairs' under State Secretary, San Arun says that marriage registrations will ensure that women’s rights are protected from domestic violence.

Ung Chanthol, director of the Cambodian Women Crisis Center (CWCC) explains that the growing domestic violence problems are partly because women are not able to file complaints within Cambodia’s judicial system, because their marriages are not legally recognized.

SRP legislator Chea Poch tells VOA that marriage registrations are costly and corruption by local authorities are also hindering the process.