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Youk Chhang, ‘Killing Field’ Justice Seeker

For more than 10 years, Youk Chhang, Executive Director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) has been collecting and archiving documents to bring awareness and closure to the million of victims troubled by Cambodia's most tragic past- the Killing Field.

In November, Time Asia magazine gave tribute to Youk Chhang by recognizing his dedication to bringing justice and national reconciliation to Cambodia. From Gandhi, Nhich Nhat Hang to The Dalai Lama, the magazine has honored the men and women who shaped their countries in one-way or another in the last 60 years.

The Documentation Center of Cambodia, is a non-profit organization that receives most of its grants from private organizations. Their main mission is to better understand the workings behind the Pol Pot regime.

To date, the organization has collected over 400,000 pages of prisoner confessions, hand written memos, and maps to some 20,000 gravesites.

Without the personal dedication of Youk Chhang and his staff, it would have been almost impossible to establish the Khmer Rouge Tribunal. And much of their findings will be use in the trials.

On 'Hello VOA' call-in show Thursday, Youk Chhang speaks about receiving recognition from Time Asia magazine in the award category of inspirational leaders, and he also talks about Cambodian national reconciliation, forgiveness and justice.

Click on the above links to listen to Youk Chhang on 'Hello VOA' hosted by Sok Khemera.