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Malaysia Delays Heng Pov's Hearing

Ministry of Interior's spokesman, Lieutenant General Khieu Sopheak says that the ministry respects Malaysia court's decision in postponing the hearing of Heng Pov 's case to a later date- November 9th.

Initially, the Malaysia's high court said, it would hear the former police commissioner's case on November 3, 2006.

According to AFP, the delay is due to the fact that the Malaysian court wanted to allow more time for Heng Pov to consult with his lawyer.

Heng Pov, the former Phnom Penh police commissioner was charged with murder in July, which also coincided with his removal from Prime Minister Hun Sen's advisory and Ministry of Interior's under state secretary positions.

Phnom Penh Municipal court sentenced him in absentia, to 18 years in prison for the late Judge Sok Sethamony's murder.

Opposition party legislator, Keo Remy says that he believed “that Heng Pov will not be extradited, and [that] he will get asylum in another country”.

Heng Pov's lawyer, N. Sivananthan tells reporters that he has been given plenty of opportunity to see his client.

Meanwhile, Heng Pov is being detained at a police headquarter in Kuala Lumpur, for overstaying his tourist visa while visiting Malaysia.