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CCHR Says it has Nearly 2000 Corruption Complaints

Cambodia Center for Human Right’s campaign director, Ou Virak said on Monday that the ‘black box’ program, a campaign against corruption, has received approximately 2,000 complaint letters. The black box program is a national campaign designed to give ‘voices’ to the Cambodian people on corruption related issues.

The program encourages people to submit complaints, evidence, and documents related to corruption activities by putting them inside the black box.

Ou Virak told VOA that the complaints are mostly centered on general opinions of corruptions, while other complaints cited specific individuals who committed or are involved in corruption activities.

Government spokesman and Minister of Information, Khieu Kanharith welcomes the complaints, provided that the complaints are legitimate, can be supported by evidence, and have actual witnesses.

He went on to say that he does not know whether or not the complaints are propaganda-based or are actual complaints designed to help the government curb corruptions in Cambodia.

Khieu Kanharith says that, “the anti-corruption bill will be enacted after the National Assembly passed criminal law and the penal code.”

Keo Remy, opposition party legislator says that the complaints reveal active corruption in Cambodia, and suggested that these complaints be forwarded to the government.

More than twenty (20) human rights and NGO groups have submitted petitions to the National Assembly asking for anti-corruption measures.

Recently, the groups have met with opposition (SRP) and FUNCINPEC party officials, but they have yet to meet with Cambodian People's party (CPP) officials.