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Cambodian Court Charges Three Foreigners on Drug Trafficking

The Phnom Penh Municipal court charged two Peruvians Wednesday, on cross-border drug trafficking. The two men used new methods of smuggling, in which they swallowed 106 small packets of drugs.

A Thai woman was charged by the same court of conspiracy in drug trafficking, according to Phnom Penh Municipal court prosecutor, Nget Sarat.

Heder Matel Rojas, a 23-year old Peruvian was also arrested by the police last week, on October 6. Phnom Penh airport confiscated 106 finger sized small packets of cocaine, which he has swallowed.

Another Peruvian, 27-year old Rodol Ortero Farias, along with his 26-year old Thai wife, Wanphason Sudjai, were arrested a day later at one of Siemreap hotels.

They confessed to Cambodian authorities about their goals to go into Thailand, but was afraid that the Thai's x-ray machines may have detected drugs. They then decided to make a short trip to Cambodia before crossing the border to Thailand.

International Relation Department Director of National Authority for Combating Drugs (NACD), Phorn Boramy alleges that the Cambodian authorities have arrested at least four foreign drug traffickers, using this method. He went on to say, that this practice causes difficulties for authorities to carry out their anti-drug trafficking efforts.

If found guilty, they are likely to face more than 10 years in prison.