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Japanese Parliament Elects New Prime Minister

Japan's parliament has officially chosen Shinzo Abe as the country's new prime minister.

Mr. Abe was elected today (Tuesday) in a much-anticipated victory in the lower and upper houses of parliament.

At 52 years old, he is Japan's youngest government chief since World War Two. Mr. Abe replaces Junichiro Koizumi, who stepped down as prime minister after serving five years in office.

Mr. Abe announced his new Cabinet shortly after taking office. Taro Aso has been reappointed foreign minister.

Lawmaker Yasuhisa Shiozaki is the new chief cabinet secretary and top government spokesman. Koji Omi, a former minister for science and technology policy, is Japan's new finance minister, and economist Hiroko Ota has been chosen as economy minister.

Former defense minister Fumio Kyuma will return to that post. Mr. Abe is scheduled to lay out his administration's goals in a policy speech to parliament on Friday