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New Book Implicates Top KR Leaders

Important figures in the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime might face the UN assisted Khmer Rouge Tribunal, according to a book by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung foundation.

Founded in Berlin in 1925, the foundation is a private non-profit German organization to achieve the fundamental values of democracy, social justice, and peaceful international understanding.

The book entitled, Cambodia 1975-2005: Journey Through the Night, relates horrible events, and unspeakable fates during the wars in Cambodia.

The book mentions former Khmer Rouge leaders who are close to the killing fields' architect and Brother number one, Pol Pot: Khieu Samphan, Nuon Chea, and Ieng Sary.

Mr. Khieu Samphan, 73 years old, was former chief of state, Mr. Nuon Chea, 77 years old, was second highest leader, and Mr. Ieng Sary, 74 years old, was former foreign minister.

Opposition lawmaker Keo Remy says that the three former Khmer Rouge leaders cannot escape the special court for the Khmer Rouge trial, and the outcome will depend on the Khmer Rouge Tribunal jurists.

Document Center of Cambodia's director, Yuk Chhang says it's up to the jurists on the Khmer Rouge tribunal, but this book is an important tool for the judges and prosecutors to reflect on.

The Khmer Rouge Tribunal spokesman, Mr. Reach Sambath says that he and the jurists do not interfere with the book being published.

He says that the narration in any book in the past, is the individual's rights, and that the court will not make its decision based on people's comments, but instead on court exhibits, evidences, documents, and witnesses.

Reach Sambath says the Khmer Rouge Tribunal jurists began their investigations into the former Khmer Rouge leaders' crimes since July. No one has been charged yet.

The U.N. has a budget of more than $56 million for this trial which is expected to last 3 year