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Cambodian Government Lawyer Will Appear in Court to Defend His Client's Corruption Charges

The Cambodian government lawyer Friday agrees to appear in the Phnom Penh Municipal Court to defend his client of corruption charges involved in a number of the World Bank's projects.

The World Bank and the Cambodian government recently had tension after the bank found irregularities in its $11.9 millions loans for 8 projects implemented by a number of ministries.

The World Bank threatened to freeze 3 development projects worth over $64 millions, and asked the government to pay back $7.6 millions.

Cambodian authorities on July 18, detained former Department of Rural Development's technological affairs, deputy director Mu Kim San, based on government lawyer's suit, and Phnom Penh Municipal Court's co-prosecutor's charges on embezzling one million dollars in this development project.

Government lawyer, Suong Chanthan says that this if the first time that he appears in court to defend his client's suit against the defendant Mu Kim San, with Phnom Penh Court's vice president, Mr. Chiv Keng as investigative judge for the case. He declines to cite any evidence or documents based on the suit.