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Israeli Military Starts Withdrawing From Lebanon

The Israeli army has begun withdrawing from Lebanon as its ceasefire with Hezbollah guerrillas in that country holds for a second day.

Lebanese officials say Israeli soldiers have pulled out of Marjayoun, a town they captured last week. An Israeli general says that soldiers are preparing to hand over more positions to United Nations or Lebanese soldiers.

Lebanese officials say their soldiers and international peacekeepers will begin deploying in the southern part of the country within days as part of the ceasefire deal.

Meanwhile, thousands of displaced Lebanese families trying to return to their homes jammed bomb-damaged roads today (Tuesday).

And residents of northern Israeli, which was hit by thousands of Hezbollah rockets, emerged from bomb shelters for the first time in weeks.

Earlier today, the Israeli army said Hezbollah guerrillas fired several mortar and rocket rounds at Israeli positions in Lebanon. There were no casualties or damage, and Israeli forces say they did not return fire.

Hezbollah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah, says his fighters won a "strategic, historic victory" over Israel.

President Bush, however, says the month-long conflict was a defeat for Hezbollah