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Villagers In Bird Flu Outbreak Areas Appeal For Immediate Prevention

In Prey Veng, many villagers are fearful that the bird flu virus found in some ducks last week could spread to human.

The villagers are asking the Cambodian government and the NGOs to provide medicines or vaccine to protect the people from catching the H5N1 virus,

Health officials say they have found the bird flu virus in some ducks in Prey Veng after about one thousand ducks had died in a farm called Chour Rokar, in Srok Preah Sdech in the Prey Veng Province. Officials have reportedly killed over 400 ducks to prevent the spread of the H5N1 virus that causes bird flu.

The incident also lead to the killing of other poultry in the same farmhouse. Rin Rom, a villager who handled the dead birds with his bare hands is very fearful for his family who is already showing signs of respiratory problems.

Villagers compare the bird flu to AIDS. Some say it's as deadly as AIDS. Some say it's worse because it can kill faster than AIDS.

A pregnant woman who ate the chicken given by a neighbor said that she had high temperature and had pains all over her body.

Nuth Sokhom, Minister of Health says that he has no plan to vaccinate the villagers, but he plans to educate them on how to not get sick from the bird flu.