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NGO Reveals Corruption Inside High School Examination

Civil society representatives and students reveal Tuesday about some corruptions on the examination day, expressing concerns about possible hundreds of U.S. dollar bribes to pass some students.

Some people say that this practice might affect the educational system.

President of Cambodia Independent Teachers' Association, Rong Chhun says that he does not want to see bribery for securing high school diplomas, since it is a bad example for the educational system. He also says that unsual things happen during the high school examination such as the money chipped in by the students for the examiners.

Mr. Rong Chhun cites one example when students chip in money for the examiners to let them look at scribbling notes during examinations. He says that according to reliable sources from teachers whom he can trust 90%, those students who can pay $800 U.S. dollars, will automatically pass.

Mr. Rong Chhun says that for example, an 11th grade chemistry teacher will be assigned to be the examiner in a classroom where the students will take the examination, and those students taking chemistry examination, would collect money to give to the examiner. This high school examination for the High School Diploma took place Monday, 8-7-6, and will finish Wednesday, reportedly with about more than 50,000 students from all over the country participating.

Please note that the High School examination is very rigorous, competitive, and selective, and only the elite students will pass.

A student who talks on condition of anonymity says that at the Chatomuk High School where this examination takes place, the examiner allows the students to bring in notes which they can check (for correct answers), because this examiner took money from 25 students who pay 5,000 riels (local currency), about more than one dollar each. He says that the examiner has only to keep the students quiet and looks out for the inspector.

Ms. Sok Sinath says that her daughter might not pass this examination since she does not have any money to pay.

Examiner Phoung Eng says that he is not aware of any bribery, but that there were irregularities.

Sahaniphine who is a high school girl taking the examination too says that everything seems to be fine.

State Secretary of Education,Youth and Sports, Bun Sok says that these are rumors. He says that his ministry is thankful for the information on the examination's irregulaties, but that he would like to know the names and identities of the examiners who took bribes so that the government and the court can start legal procedures