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Israeli Warplanes Pound Lebanon

Israeli warplanes have been pounding Lebanon, hitting southern Beirut and bridges leading north from the capital in the country's Christian heartland.

Lebanese officials say at least three people were killed in today's (Friday's) bombardments which cut off access to Syria along the coast. Israeli jets also bombed several villages in southern Lebanon.

Thousands of Israeli ground troops are fighting Hezbollah guerrillas in southern Lebanon in a push to create a buffer zone. The Israeli army has confirmed that two Israeli soldiers died in southern Lebanon when their tank was hit by Hezbollah fire.

Officials in Israel say Hezbollah fired more than 40 rockets at Israel today, killing at least one civilian in northern Israel.

On Thursday, Hezbollah fired more than 150 rockets into Israel, killing eight civilians.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened to fire rockets at Tel Aviv if Israel attacks Beirut's center. He also said Hezbollah would stop firing rockets if Israel stops attacking Lebanese towns.

Lebanon's prime minister said Thursday the three-week conflict has killed more than 900 people in his country. At least 27 Israelis have been killed by Hezbollah rockets since the fighting began.