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Fake Medecines Are Sold In Cambodia

Phnom Penh health agents says some health officials are corrupt making way for fake medicines traffic into Cambodia despite the government's measures to stop it.

Fake medicines are expected to be present in many countries since there are markets for them. These medicines have been in Cambodia since 1998.

Health officials consider Phnom Penh to have about 50% of drug profession service providers in the whole country, with more than 100 medicine manufactoring companies, and 7 factories.

Despite the Ministry of Health's information on the drugs, people still worry about the medicines to make sure which ones are fake and which ones are real.

A clerk at a pharmacy, speaking on condition of anonymity says that fake medicines are still circulating in Cambodia because some health officials took bribes from people who bring those fake medicines into Cambodia.

Phnom Penh health department's drug management director Yim Yan says that he cannot say that the clerk is wrong, and that this situation is very common. He says that he is worried, and that the fake medicines might be discovered (to be sold in Cambodia), and did not elaborate further. He says that to stop the flow of those medicines, is a big task involving cooperation departments involved, and he appeals for the people to buy medicines only from pharmacies which they trust.