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Mix Views On Ex-King's Objection To Khmer Rouge Trial

Civil society officials and politicians express different positions on former King's comments on the Khmer Rouge tribunal.

Former King Norodom Sihanouk Saturday opposed Khmer Rouge tribunal that is proceeding, saying that it will only try a small number of 5 to 6 aging former Khmer Rouge leaders. He says that it would be better if the budget is used for the country's development.

In his 5-page letter in French published on his personal website, the former Monarch says that this more than $50 million budget can provide many services for the Cambodian people, by giving them water, agricultural mechanical equipments, buffaloes, plows, and nice housing to lift them from poverty.

Opposition party legislator Son Chhay agrees with the former King, saying that some people, civil servants and intellectuals also agree with the former Monarch. He says that he does not believe that the trial will bring justice to the victims and their families or strengthen the court system.

NGO Licadho's director Pung Chhiv Kek says that the tribunal procedure should continue to stop this kind of crime