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Number Of Drug Users Is Down In 2006

The number of drug users for 2006 is down, but the crackdown on law violators increases compared to the same time last year.

Secretary of the Anti-Drugs office Lour Ramin told VOA that there are 4,614 drug users in 2006, down from 5,175 in 2005.

He says that the decrease in drug users is due to the dissimination of educational information, along with the local centers for treatment, and rehabilitation, where the drug users can stay.

Mr. Lour says that he received the statistics on law violators from 9 provinces.

The organization of youth-drug rehabilitation director Poeun Thy says that the Anti-Drugs office's statistics are different from his office's, and that his office gave services to 136 drug users this year as compared to 86 in 2005.

Phnom Penh police commissioner Touch Narudh has no comment about the crackdown on drug users, saying he is busy.