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Monivong Community Residents Received Compensation From The Ministry of Interior

Dozens of police officers demolish Monivong community houses Wednesday, the last day of the government's ultimatum, with the instruction of total demolition, but no injuries are reported, say authority officials.

The residents faced eviction last week, and families received $300 and $30 for others for compensation from the Ministry of Interior.

They were forced to have finger prints taken on papers to vacate. The residents allege that they have lived at the premises for many years and that they have deed papers. They are reported to be resettled in Ang Snuol town, Kandal province. They complain that injustice was inflicted upon them.

About 100 trucks are reported to be ready to transport remaining possessions from the demolished houses to the new destination.

About 20 families refuse to have their finferprints taken, and taking compensations.

Those residents who refuse to have their fingerprints taken say that they are afraid to go inside the Monivong community for fear of intimidation, and they met secretely with human rights organization Adhoc for help.

Those who have their fingerprints taken say that they were forced to do it.