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Jailed Khmer Rouge Leader Ta Mok Hospitalized

Benson Samay, Ta Mok’s lawyer, told VOA this Thursday that Ta Mok, former KR military commander is hospitalized for irregular blood pressure at a hospital in Phnom Penh.

Benson Samay says Ta Mok was carried out of the Phnom Penh’s military prison on Thursday 12:30pm to Preah Ketmealea Hospital (Former 1-79 Hospital).

He said for almost the last ten days, Ta Mok has lost appetite, had urinary tract infection, and has been weak, and has not been able to walk. He said Ta Mok also has blood pressure.

Ta Mok, 79 year-old former KR leader, has been detained at military prison with Duch, former director of Tuol Sleng prison and waiting for trial for killing about 1.7 million Cambodian people during KR regime.

Ngin Sam An, deputy director of military court says Ta Mok is very physically weak and has problem with his backbones. That is why he is sent to the hospital.

There is an increasing concern about the loss of remaining top KR leaders as they are very aged and unhealthy. They are very important for KR tribunal.

Reach Sambath, KR trial spokesman, says Extraordinary Chambers of Court of Cambodia (ECCC), has been trying to make the KR tribunal to come into being as soon as possible.

On July 3, the judges and jury of KR tribunal are taking a sworn in at Preah Keo Morokot Temple within the Royal Palace.

The UN and the Cambodian government have spent more than three years to prepare the tribunal, but so far no KR leaders have been tried yet.