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The World Bank Decides More Reforms in Cambodia even though Corruptions Found

A statement by the World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz after a meeting on Cambodia held on Tuesday, June 27, 2006 says that the World Bank is determined to continue reform projects in Cambodia for the benefits of Cambodian poor people although corruptions worth millions of dollars have been found.

In the bank’s press release issued this Wednesday, Pual Wolfowitz acknowledges that there is clearly an ongoing development in Cambodia, but governance is still a big problem. He emphasizes that the banks always work with other donors to support any country where reforms are implemented with important measures.

The bank asserts that it is offering USD14 million for a project to improve governance and combat against corruption.

Om Yientieng, senior advisor to Primer Minister Hun Sen, welcomes the bank’s new project. He says the government has been doing what the bank comments.

The conflict between the bank and the Cambodian government over the corruption is still going on.

Ian Porter, country director for Cambodia says it is important for the bank to work with the government to fix the weaknesses impacting those projects.

By so doing, we can get back to work to ensure that Cambodian people have secure property rights, and that roads are built, poor people are effectively helped, and our goal can be successfully accomplished.

Paul Wolfowitz added that Cambodian government and the bank are working together the fix the previous problems. If corruptions are found, the bank has to actively work with the government to seek for affective action so that the aids for development can be used for the benefits of poor people.