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SRP Party Appeals To The Government To Make Corrupted Officials Reimburse The World Bank

An opposition Sam Rainsy party (SRP) lawmaker appeals to Prime Minister Hun Sen's government not to use national budget to refund the World Bank in a corruption case involved with 3 projects, after the Bank discovered irregularities in contracts and misuse of funds in these projects.

This appeal was made after the Ministry of Economy and Finance announced Monday that it will refund $1,7 million to the World Bank after this Bank discovered irregularities and the ministry's suspension of funding for the 3 projects supported by the Bank and worth more than $64 million.

SRP legislator Keo Remy sent a letter to Prime Minister Hun Sen Tuesday which VOA receives, asking the government not to use tax payers' money to refund the Bank for corrupted ministers. Rather, the government should probe into the cases and punish the perpetrators.

He says that the government should tighten its investigation measures, searching for corrupted officials, and punish them according to the law, and that corruption tarnishes the nation's name.

Mr. Hun Sen's adviser Om Yintieng supports Mr. Keo Remy's suggestion on finding the corrupted officials. He adds that there should be more evidences and cooperation with the World Bank. In his words, SRP legislator speaks the truth, and those responsible officials should refund the money to the Bank.

World Bank country manager Nisha Agrawal cannot be reached for comment.

Economic Institute of Cambodia director Sok Hach says that using national budget to refund the Bank for corruption charges shows governance and political weaknesses of Cambodia, and the government has the duty to find a solution.