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More Than 3,000 Garment Workers Are On Strike In Mean Chey District

About more than 3,000 workers are on non-violent strike for the eight day against a factory owner in Mean Chey district, Phnom Penh, not respecting labor regulations and labor arbitration council.

The workers shout and want respect of workers' rights in front of the authorities, police force, and a group of gang, charged of having the intention to crack down the workers.

The strike at the garment factory Cambodia Sportswear Supertech in Phnom Penh took place since June 1st because the owner was charged with taking advantage of his workers, not respecting the arbitration council's rules, laying off a number of workers, and low wages. These workers complain that they are not full time workers, an easy target for lay offs, with only $40 monthly salary.

Cambodia national heritage alliance director Nuon Chantha defends the workers' rights and says that their demands are well founded. He says that the company makes regulations unilaterally, and force the workers to agree to them.