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Opposition Leader-NGO Condemns Sambok Chab Eviction

Opposition party leader and NGO officials condemn Phnom Penh authorities' eviction of residents from Sambok Chab, Tunle Bassac district, and settling them in Phnom Penh suburban area, as being unjust, unhumanitarian, and cruel.

Phnom Penh authorities sent dozens of armed policemen, with shields, tear gas, and electric batons to dismantle the residents' homes for two days, after selling the area to Sou Srun company.

Opposition party leader Sam Rainsy says that this action is comparable to that the former Khmer Rouge, and that the Sam Rainsy party (SRP) will examine the agreements on selling state assets to private companies, and return the lost assets back to the residents.

He says that the residents are facing difficulties in health, food, and transportation issues. He condemns the authorities, and corrupt officials for selling state land to private companies and let these companies evict the residents, transporting them to another place and left them there like trash, and in his words, the action is illegal.

Cambodian Human Rights Action Committee, U.N. Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing as a Component of the Right to an Adequate Standard of Living officials are touched and issued a joint statement asking the authorities to stop the use of armed forces and evict the residents for development reasons.

Mr. Sam Rainsy says that if this issue is not solved, the people will face with serious health, and food problems, especially the elderlies and children. Phnom Penh mayor Kep Chutema declines to comment.