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Government Welcomes World Bank's Corruption Evidences

The Cambodian government welcomes the World Bank's corruption evidences in 3 development projects totaling more than $64 million, saying it is an important basis for anti-corruption campaignagainst corruption that is going deep in Cambodia, says Prime Minister Hun Sen's adviser Wednesday.

This welcoming remark is made after the World Bank gives the government the result from its investigation about corruption in 7 projects worth tens of millions of dollars, requesting the government to reimburse $7,600,000 after the Bank discovered irregularities in 30 contracts and misuse of funds in a total of three projects.

The Bank says that it might ask for more reimbursement while its investigation is still going on. Mr. Hun Sen's adviser Om Yentieng told VOA that the government is happy and welcomes the Bank's findings, saying the Cambodian government supports the will for transparency, and corruption free.

He says that he does not condone corruption, and that it is not an individual case, but collective one, and that the perpetrators should not leave the others to take responsibility.