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Cambodian Authorities Evict Residents In Tonle Bassac

Cambodian authorities arrest at least 11 people in its operations to evict residents from Sambok Chab village, Tonly Bassac where more than 1,000 families live, and move them to another place in Phnom Penh suburb, using armed forces and trucks.

This is the second time that the people are being evicted despite calls from the United Nations to stop the process.

More than 500 policemen armed with guns, electric batons, shields and tear gas, 1,000 workers and more than 100 trucks surround the villages early Tuesday morning, move in to dismantle the houses and transport the residents to another place about 20 km. away from the site, according to witnesses and human rights officials.

The media is being barred from the scene and video tapes are being confiscated, pictures erased. Human Rights Association Adhoc investigating official Chan Saveth blames the authorities for using such force in the eviction.