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PM Hun Sen Bans 3G Mobile Phone Service

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Friday bans the latest generation of mobile phone services in cambodia to curb the dissemination of pornography.

Mr. Hun Sen's announcement came after his wife, Ms. Bun Rany, and several other senior government officials' wives, including Ms. Marie Ranariddh appeal to him.

The request to Mr. Hun Sen states about the modern technology of the third-generation or 3G which can disseminate pornography, destroy Cambodian culture, excite young men and women, via high-quality video.

In a speech during a visit to Champuh Ka-Eak pagoda in Phnom Penh suburb, Mr. Hun Sen says that Cambodia is not a trash can for this highly modern technology to dump garbage.

He says that may be his country can wait for another 10 years until enough can be done to strengthen the morality of Cambodian society.

The 3G offers features such as high speed internet access, high-quality video, and music services.

The caller can see the other person at the other end of the receiver, but the phone can be used to disseminate pornography.

Minister of Post and Telecommunication So Khun cannot be reached for comment.

Alcatel, a French telecommunications firm, announed in February that it would provide 3G mobile services to CamGSM, a cambodian mobile phone network.