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U.S. and Australian Embassies Found False Documents With Judges' Names

The Municipal Phnom Penh Court Tuesday investigates divorce verdict frauds, flasifying the court's divorce verdicts in order to get permission for marriages, and applying for visas for Cambodian citizens to live in the U.S. and Australia.

The U.S. and Australia Embassies have asked the court to check all documents, say the Phnom Penh Court high ranking officials.

This request is done after the two Embassies ask the court to check the documents and the divorce verdicts which look like a fraud.

Phnom Penh Municipal Court director Chiv Keng told VOA that if this court were to check the divorce verdicts in order to be free to remarry citizens of foreign countries, notably in America and Australia, then to apply for the US and Australia visas, most verdicts are fraud.

Phnom Penh Court prosecutor Uk Savudh says that those involved in the verdicts will be asked to clarify the matters starting from 05-11. He does not know whether this fraud involves court officials or government officials.

Former Phnom Penh court and current Udor Mean Chey court judge Yar Sokhan says that his signatures and the other judges' signatures on the controversial verdicts are falsified.

US Embassy spokesman Jeff Daigle declines comment, but says that the Embassy only wants the court to clarify about those verdicts.

Opposition Sam Rainsy party legislator Keo Remy says that those false signatures are due to corruptions which Cambodia should stop.

There are 80 controversial documents which the U.S. and Australia Embassies want to verify.