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NGOs Are Concerned About Workers' Rights Violation

Cambodian NGOs officials are concerned about the government's activities in the ban on the workers non-violent march on May Day, saying it is a democracy stepping backward.

This concern is the result of police officers detaining the Free Trade Union Workers of the Kingdom of Cambodia's (FTUWKC) leader, Chea Mony, using electric batons, fire trucks, shields, and weapons to seal off all important entrances to Phnom Penh.

The Cambodian Human Rights Action Committee with 21 associations and trade unions combined are concerned about the workers' human rights violation and the lack of the government institutions participation.

Human Rights Adhoc organization's director Thun Saray says that the government's action reflects the downward of democracy and lack of human rights respect.

Cambodian Independent Teachers' Association's president Rong Chhun says that democracy is going down.

The workers demand better pay, and better work conditions.