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A Christian Pastor Was Killed in Banteay Mean Chey

A christian pastor is killed and a christian church burned in two separate incidents.

Police officials and local authorities say that christian pastor Outh Cheoung is a christian teacher and a photographer in Svay Chek town, Banteay Mean Chey province and was killed at the beginning of March, a few months before a christian church was burned down by a group of 300 Buddhists, in Lovear Em town, Kandal province.

Cambodia Christian association of Protestant faith's leader Thath Bun Cheoun says that the victim was threatened several times.

Police commissioner Chhoeung Sokhom says that the victim's wife believes he died of a sudden illness, similar to a heart attack.

Provincial governor Chev Saren believes that the two groups disagree about the church being built side by side of the Buddhist temple but does not think the murder was the result of religious beliefs.

The Ministry of Cult and Religion State Secretary in charge of religions Sith Ibrahim says that the issue is internal rift.