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Thai Film Resembling KR Torture Center is Controversial

Cambodia's Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts officials comment caustiously on a Thai film "Ghost Game", even though the Thai side apologizes.

"Ghost Game" is a Thai film telling the story of reality television gameshow, which opens in Thailand on Thursday.

The film closely resembles the Khmer Rouge's Tuol Sleng prison where violent and atrocious activities occured.

In mid 2005, Thai producer presented his script to the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts' film department asking for its permission to shoot the scenes at Tuol sleng museum . This department refuses the request and asked to have the script changed.

The Thai side refused to comply, alleged the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts officials.

Tifa Company official cannot be reached for comment. Many news reports in Thailand say that Tifa Company movie producer Phantham Thong Sang, apologized to the Cambodian side saying if there is any part of the script that makes the Cambodian people unhappy, or feel that it reminds them of the past painful chapter of their lives under the Khmer Rouge regime.

Director of the ministry' cinema department Kong Kan Tara says that he has not seen any letter of apology yet from the Thai side.