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Cambodian Witnesses Delayed in CFF Leader Trial

High-ranking police officials say that 13 Cambodian witnesses to testify in CFF's leader trial will come to the United States later than previously scheduled, presumebly in July.

The Cambodian Freedom Fighters' (CFF) leader Chhun Yasith was charged by the Cambodian government of attacks on government's interests and by the US government of many offenses including tax evasion.

The delay was reportedly requested by the US court following the decision of Chhun Yasith's lawyer to withdraw himself from the case. The US court reportedly needs time to look for his replacement.

The lawyer examined the documents and evidences.

National police deputy chief General Ek Sok Phal says that the witnesses will be sent to the US and that they have already received visas from the US Embassy in Phnom Penh.

The Cambodian Freedom Fighters emerged in November 1998 in the wake of political violence.

The U.S.-based group wanted to overthrow the government.

Cambodian courts in 2002 prosecuted 38 CFF members suspected of staging an attack in 2000.