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FUNCINPEC Officials Register for Administration School

Some deputy provincial governors from royalist FUNCINPEC party quota who were removed from their positions last month submit requests to study at the Royal School of Administration.

This school was re-created by the Cambodian government in 1995 under the control of the Council of Ministers. This school will give special training to FUNCINPEC officials who lost their positions, say the party officials.

FUNCINPEC general secretary Nhek Bun Chhay says that from among 45 officials who were removed, only 18 of them submit requests to study at the school. A number of officials went back to their former positons.

The duration of the training is 6 months. Mr. Nhek Bun Chhay says that those officials who do not attend this school will not be in the party framework.

But those who go to the school might hold deputy provincial governors positions.

Those who finish the course might be promoted to junior ministers.

Former deputy provincial governor Sou Arafat, Battambang province who was recently removed from his position says he will consider the school, and praises the government for its plans.