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Miss Soben Huon Competes For Miss USA Title

Miss Utah Soben Huon has been away from her parents since the beginning of March and stays at the Wundham Baltimore Hotel for the Miss USA pageant competition.

There, she will undergo the rehearsal and the screening before this Friday April 21st for the final competition.

Her mother Huon Sambath talks about their contacts with their daughter by telephone while she is in another state. Ms. Sambath says that Miss Soben told her that her father dreamed that she will be selected, and Soben replied: "Yes, I will".

Her mother says that her daughter does not seem to be worried that she might not win, and she seems to be always happy.

Ever since she was young, Soben learned to play violin, and later she was a cheerleader. She also learned Khmer classical dancing.

She says that in the past few weeks, Soben rehearsed some instruments and foreign language. She says her daughter rehearsed playing violin, piano, spaking her Spanish, and French.

Miss Soben graduated from Brigham Young University majoring in political science/international relations, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

She gets support from Cambodian community in Long Beach, California and her own family. Her mother says that her daughter is lucky to have support from the Khmer community and individuals her own friends, her relatives, and her family members.

Miss Soben Huon's supporter Mr. Chhang Song of Long Beach, California says that she loves Cambodian arts and culture, and is an excellent student, excelling in politics, and loves to help Cambodia. He says that she is intelligent and wants to help Cambodian youth progress in education.

He says that if she wins, it would be an honor for Cambodian people. Both Ms. Sambath and Mr. Chhang Song have hopes that she might win the title since she is beautiful, a good composure and has experienced a life of refugees' daughter.