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Senior Official Asks Assembly to Pass Military Draft Law

A senior Defense official Wednesday appeals to the National Assembly to pass a military service legislation so that the Ministry of Defense can mobilize young recruits to substitute for older servicemen who will retire in the future.

This appeal occurs after a military service legislation was submitted to the Assembly more than a year ago with no result up to now.

The Ministry of Defense secretary Hak Savuth told VOA that his ministry wants this bill to pass soon.

The draft law requires all young men and women between 18-30 to serve in the military voluntarily and the Ministry of Defense's real need.

Those who evade this service will serve from 3 months to two years in prison during peace time, and from 6 months to five years during war.

Former National Assembly defense committee leader Maonh Sophan worries about corruption, like human rights organization Licadho Pung Chhiv Kek, since rich young men and women will get off with briberies.