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Interview With Mr. Kem Sokha on His Political Position

The Cambodia Center for Human Rights' (CCHR) director Kem Sokha made a recent three-week visit to the U.S. and met with American leaders and Cambodian community in several states, including Washington, D.C.

He vows to continue his efforts to promote freedom and democracy for the Cambodian people and the nation's development.

He says that the obstacles will not deter him from his determination to stand by the Cambodian people and he will not leave them, even though there will be threats of repression, dictatorship and his renewed arrest.

He reiterates his position for democracy, and his principles which will not waver, saying that his destiny remains in the hands of the people.

He tries to expand his relationship with the U.S. and the European Union (EU). He says that the EU's assembly's delegation will go and observe his CCHR forums on April 23rd, and later will see the CCHR's radio station studios.

He says that guns, tanks, and weapons will not win over the people's support, and even the U.S. will not win with these arsenals if the American people did not support the US government when its troops operate in other countries.

He says that when the people protest, and conduct demonstrations because their leaders do not change or reform, it is not a good sign.

The people will want to have elections.

He stresses that he adhere the principles of non-violence, and that the leaders should not consider themselves as God, thus go on killing the people and telling lies.