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Former PM Withdraws Partnership's Plan with Opposition party

Former PM and current president of the Cambodia National Sustaining Party Pen Sovan announces his withdrawal from plans to join opposition Sam Rainsy party (SRP), charging that this party has not set its principles, and having clear viewpoints.

He blames Mr. Sam Rainsy for changing his position by expressing his regret for past actions and saying that he will stop his criticisms for Mr. Hun Sen.

In the past Mr. Sam Rainsy used to have conflicts with Prime Minister Hun Sen.

The Cambodian court, under Mr. Hun Sen's control, sentenced Mr. Sam Rainsy in a defamation lawsuit against him, and a fine of thousands of dollars for damages after Mr. Sam Rainsy charged Mr. Hun Sen of being behind the 1997 grenade attack on demonstrators in front of the National Assembly leaving 16 people injured and more than 100 wounded.

Last month, after a self-exile, Mr. Sam Rainsy wanted to return home, and expressed his regret to Mr. Hun Sen who then allowed him to come back.