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Congressional Human Rights Caucus with Mr. Kem Sokha

The U.S. civil societies and human rights organization officials say the human rights situation in Cambodia still remain to be a concern and warn that the international communities should continue to monitor it closely.

The International Republican Institute (IRI), the National Democratic Institute (NDI), and the Amnesty International express their concern during the two-week visit to the United States of Mr. Kem Sokha, director of the Cambodia Center for Human Rights (CCHR), and Mr. Pa Nguon Teang, CCHR deputy director. The two men have just been released from prison.

In the meeting organized by the US congressional human rights caucus on the update of human rights situation in Cambodia, Mr. T. Kumar, Asia and Pacific Advocacy Director of Amnesty International, says that not only are the Cambodian people prevented from expressing their opinions, but the U.N. special envoy on human rights in Cambodia is also barred from reporting about his concerns on human rights situation in Cambodia.

Mr. Kumar is referring to the recent criticism of Prime Minsiter Hun Sen on UN human rights special representative Yash Ghai. Mr. Kumar says what the international community do is to point out these issues, and support those who work with human rights issues such as Mr. Kem Sokha and the others.

Ms. Cynthia R. Bunton director of IRI's Asia Division agrees to continue its aid to the CCHR. Ms. Raissa Tatad-Hazell NDI's senior program manager Asia division expresses concerns about the government's pressure on the opposition.

Both institutions say will try to push democracy advocate groups to push the Cambodian government to implement basic human rights.