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Australia Joins Fund to Fight Bird Flu in Cambodia

The Australia Agency for International Development (AUSAID) announces Tuesday the aid of 700,000 U.S. dollars to Unicef to help Cambodia in her plans to educate and prevent deadly bird flu that claims 5 lives in Cambodia.

This aid will be used on the dissimenation of information via educational materials, T-shirts, short video tapes. Mr. Heng Santipheap, Unicef official in Cambodia says that this fund is given to Unicef to be given to national centers to improve the Ministry of Health's health programs in the dissimenation of information on bird flu. He says that some materials have been distributed.

A 3-year old girl in Kampong Speu province died from being in contact with and eaten sick chicken.

Kampong Speu province governor Mr. Chap Nhalivuth opens a campaign on a macro distribution program this morning warning the people to be aware of bird flu.

The officials from the UNDP, Unicef, Australia Embassy, WHO, and other Cambodian officials participate.

Unicef distributed tens of thousands of posters on bird flu.