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Civil Societies Protests Against Mr. Yash Ghai Attacks

The civil societies and opposition Sam Rainsy party (SRP) legislators do not support Prime Minister Hun Sen's decision not to welcome U.N. special envoy on Human Rights to Cambodia Yash Ghai.

In the Ministry of Agriculture's annual meeting, Mr. Hun Sen makes this comment Wednesday.

Mr. Yas Ghai gave a press conference and said Tuesday that there is a big centralization of power in the government of Cambodia and that the power rests in the hands of one man, this one man decides everything.

Even though he did not specify anyone by name, it was perceived that he meant Mr. Hun Sen.

Mr. Ghai also criticized Mr. Hun Sen of using his iron hand in the justice system that is not independent.

SRP legislator Eng Chhay Eang says that the government should reflect on Mr. Ghai criticism as being constructive.