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Khmer Rouge Trial Procedure is Progressing

The U.N. and the Cambodian government signed two additional agreements Tuesday on the security, peace, the allotment of the site, and the use of the site related to the tribunal for the former Khmer Rouge leaders trial, for the crimes committed during the Democratic Kampuchea regime, to the Extraordinary Chambers in Cambodia court.

Mr. Sean Visoth, director of the office of administration to serve the Extraordinary Chambers, says that these two additional agreements state about the rights and the duties of each side related to the security, safety, and a number of issues under the title: the set up of site and various services.

The points stated in these two additional agreements should be agreed on first before the Extraordinary Chambers can continue with the procedure.

Mr. Sean Visoth says that these two agreements were signed and they state in details the rights and responsibilities of each party.

Deputy director of the office of administration Michelle Lee says that she is confident that both parties will continue to have a good job relationship, and that it is not an easy task when the two parties start a procedure in a new institution, but that they are lucky that they choose loyal members who work hard, and she believes that all of them will continue to do a good job.

Director of the government's Khmer Rouge tribunal taskforce Sok An says that this tribunal is going well, while Cambodia, and the U.N. start to appoint competent and expert personnels.