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NGO Licadho Celebrates Women's Day With Women Prisoners

NGO human rights organization Licadho brings commodities as gifts to women prisoners in 3 prisons during the 96th International Women's Day observation March 8.

There are 300 women prisoners. These gifts are donations from the Malta Embassy in Phnom Penh, for the women inmates in 3 prisons: Prey Sar, P J, and Krong Ta Khmau prisons.

Dr. (MD) Pung Chhiv Kek, Licadho director says that even though these women are in prisons, they still have the right and the freedom to receive the respect and the attention from us.

She reveals the predicament of these people who have dependent children whom they have to bring with them to live in their cells.

Some women are pregnant and must deliver their babies in confinement. She continues that if the case is not too serious as in murder, then they should be allowed to be on bail until the sentence day.

She says babies should not be in the prison cells. In Prey Sar prison, region two, there are 513 inmates, in that number there are 253 women with 18 children staying with their mothers.

The director of Cambodia future building organization plans to take the children and educate them in various centers or send teachers to teach them inside the prisons.

rey Sar, region II's director Kim Chuon says that those women receive the respect and have the inmates' rights not to be tortured.

Malta's Embassy's Charge d'Affairs in Phnom Penh Jack Baker says that he hopes for those women not to have to stay too long there.