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Interview With Prince Ranariddh After His Meeting With Mr. Sam Rainsy

In an interview with VOA Khmer Service stringer, prince Norodom Ranariddh, National Assembly's president says he welcomes opposition leader Sam Rainsy's return from self-exile.

He says they haven't talked about bilateral issues, and that he hopes Mr. Rainsy will continue his role as legislator in an opposition party for national interest.

National Assembly's Secretary General Kim San will act accordingly within the legal framework to restore parliamentary immunities for Mr. Rainsy, opposition party legislators Chea Poch, and Cheam Channy when the Assembly reconvenes on 02-28.

Mr. Sam Rainsy has 3 main points to propose:

1- to have a president or vice president position from the opposition party in any commisson. Prince Ranariddh and Prime Minister Hun Sen gave the presidency in the Assembly's subcommittees to Sam Rainsy party (SRP) but Mr. Sam Rainsy in the past declined because of some issues. The prince says that now the Assembly is proceeding as normal and Mr. Ly Thuch is currently president of the third commission. He says that as president of the Assembly, it is difficult for him to withdraw Mr. Ly's position. The prince says that SRP's legislator Son Chhay is nonchalant and says that the prince withdrew his position (Son Chhay) in the past, and now he can do the same with Mr. Ly. The prince will discuss this issue with Mr. Hun Sen.

2- the prince has to discuss with Prime Minister Hun Sen about the 9 commissions' members positions because the Cambodian People's Party has 73 seats in the National Assembly, and he has no objection to this situation.

3- Mr. Sam Rainsy asks prince Ranariddh to make Ms. Men Moniratana's candidacy for SRP's member of parliament valid . Ms. Men will substitute legislator Khem Veasna who was removed from the party due to his criticism of the royal family. The National Assembly's permanent committee will consider this.

4- Mr. Sam Rainsy will submit his party's members' names for candidacy to the National Assembly and the prince will submit them to Mr. Hun Sen.