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Mr. Penn Sovan Reflects on Leaders Reconciliation

Former Prime Minister Penn Sovan alleges that he does not have faith in the unification of the 3 main parties, and that it can bring peace and prosperity to the Cambodian people, based on internal conflict for more than ten years.

Mr. Penn thinks that this move is intended for receiving international aids.

He refers to developments in 1993, 1997, 1998, and 2003 when the leaders struggled for power. He says that in 1997, there was even a bloodshed.

He says that the political situation is better, due to international pressure. Prime Minister Hun Sen alleges that there was no international pressure, and that the Cambodians are unified for national development.

Opposition Sam Rainsy party's acting secretary Meng Rita says that this action may be due to Khmer unification and the prospect of international aids.