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Mr. Khieu Kanharith Refutes Cambodians Living in The U.S.

A government high ranking official Wednesday reacts to Cambodians living in the U.S. who criticize the government by clarifying that the most important goal which the government wants is national unification, and reconciliation not a trick to get international aids.

This clarification happens after a number of Cambodians living in the U.S. criticized the Hun Sen-led government in what seems to be its sudden change of position, in their interview with VOA Khmer Service.

Mr. Khieu Kanharith, government spokesman and Minister of Information alleges that these Cambodians in the U.S. think that the government changes its position in a maneuver to make the people forget about the border issues, the immigration issue with millions of Vietnamese emigrating to Cambodia, and to evade international pressure so that this government can receive foreign aids.

Mr. Khieu responds to these criticisms saying these people do not understand the real situation in Cambodia. He reacts to the allegations that the government uses maneuvers by saying that the ruling leaders solve this tense political stalemate so that the Cambodian people can enjoy peace and well-being.

He says that the ending of this rift is for the people's happiness and peace of mind. He goes on saying that international aids are not important if the leaders quarrel.

The Center for Social Development's president Ms. Chea Vannath calls this detente a genius in leadership, sometimes using a hot policy, sometimes warm.