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VOA Stringer Sok Khemara's Interview With Mr. Kem Sokha

The Cambodia Center for Human Rights' (CCHR) president Kem Sokha gave a press conference on Monday and in it he made a statement that he did not write criticisms on a banner displayed on the International Human Rights Day accusing the government of being a second Pol Pot, with bloody hands, and selling land to the Vietnamese.

He added that he wanted to discuss the issue with the government to solve the problem about the freedom of expression if the government opens its door.

He also said that he welcomes his bail and that he regrets the whole event that happened which led to his arrest.

Mr. Hun Sen heard about this and he called Mr. Kem Monday night telling him of his intention to withdraw all criminal charges against the activists, without condition. He also said that he wanted to do this a long time ago but that there was no chance.

He added that he did not consider Mr. Kem as his enemy.

Mr. Kem said that he never apologizes because he did nothing wrong.

Mr. Kem Sokha said the CCHR will continue its mission, and that he will ask the government to amend the transitional penal defamation law to a civil law.

He said that it was not a written negotiation, not a talk, but only an understanding, what the government wants to do, and what he wants to do, and that the CCHR's principles remain the same.