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U.S. Would Fund the Khmer Rouge Tribunal if It Meets International Standard

An U.S. Embassy official in Phnom Penh says Friday that the U.S. will contribute to the Khmer Rouge tribunal, if the tribunal meets international standard.

U.S. Ambassador Joseph a. Mussomeli told reporters that if this tribunal meets international standard, then the U.S. can contribute some money.

He says that the U.S. is waiting for this, and that the U.S. will give funds to the Center for Document Research in Cambodia (CDRC).

Mr. Mussomeli says that the funds are for gathering evidences.

CDRC's director Yuk Chhang says that the U.S. has given 4 million dollars to his center since 1995.

This fund has also been used for historical lessons for the next generation.

The Khmer Rouge tribunal administrative director Sean Visoth says that he has asked the U.N. to participate in this tribunal.